• How online gambling gets stuck between an international sporting event and state laws

    In 2018, Esports was first introduced at the Asian Games in Jakarta. By Shivani Jha Online gambling is an emerging industry in India, even more so last year due to lockdowns caused by the pandemic. Deloitte India, in its report published in January 2021, presented that the Indian gaming industry is expected to reach $ […]

  • How the Paralympic movement became a major sporting event

    The games have become an annual event, expanding to more athletes each year. The javelin throw was quickly added to the roster. The name changed to the Stoke Mandeville Games, after the hospital where Guttman worked, and in 1952 the Netherlands sent a team, making the competition international. In 1960, the Stoke Mandeville Games officially […]

  • Paralympian Eye Medal in 4th Different Sporting Event | Sports

    A thought recently struck Oksana Masters, eight-time Paralympic medalist: what would young Oksana, the one who hung out between Ukrainian orphanages, think of this adult version? Young Oksana has always been resilient, determined and stubborn – qualities that have helped her persevere for years in an orphanage and with birth defects believed to be due […]

  • The 2022 World Games are the most accessible sporting event ever – why it matters

    Author Cecilia Bois – August 24, 2021August 24, 2021 Reading time 4 minutes Sponsored Presentation of wheelchair rugby at the Games for the first time. Photo via 2022 World Games When you watch the World Games 2022, you will see an event that changes Birmingham and the world for the better. The sporting event is […]

  • SABC and Disney sign agreement for free sporting event

    The SABC has confirmed that it has signed a free sports content distribution agreement with The Walt Disney Company, including the rights to the ESPN library. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) took to Twitter on Friday, August 20, 2021 to confirm that it has signed a content distribution agreement with the Walt Disney Company. […]