WaiTuFit360 will host a major sporting event on Easter Sunday


WaiTuFit360, a newly launched health and fitness club in Dominica, will host its first major sporting event on Easter Sunday in an effort to bring families together.

WaiTuFit360 president Kimara Matthew told Dominica News Online (DNO) in an interview that the intention behind the sports day event was to get people active again.

“We’re going to have a lot of games that are going to bring the family together,” she said. “It’s up to us to regroup and get back into the habit of interacting and socializing. We won’t be on tablets, we won’t be on phones, and we’ll be playing, going back to our heyday,” said Matthew,

According to her, the public will benefit from the sports day event by simply having the opportunity to interact in a positive space.

Families will compete in fun games that were introduced by the older generation including lime and spoon, sack race, bowls, cricket, needle and thread, apple eating and Easter hunt for children.

“It is our responsibility to bring it back to the children so that they can know their culture, know where they come from, they can know their history,” she noted. “If our generation doesn’t expose our children to these games, they won’t be able to pass them on. It will be history repeating itself,” said an enthusiastic Matthew.

The event is open to everyone and they will be required to follow the necessary Covid-19 protocols.

WaiTuFit360 Sports Day is scheduled to take place at the Botanical Gardens Pavilion area starting at 1:00 p.m.

Families will be allowed to participate in 10 games with a $20 ticket and 5 games each time a $10 ticket is purchased. Tickets are available from Waitufit360 members via the club’s Facebook page or Finesse Beauty in Roseau.

Other upcoming activities include a dance tour, summer preview, hikes and a campaign for people focused on their mental health.

Part of Waitufit360’s vision is to create a balance for the empowerment of mind, body and soul for ordinary people, while its mission is to encourage people around the world to love themselves. and enjoy themselves while embracing the concept of living their best life through dance therapy.

Wai-Tu-fit bills itself as the home for women to decompress, stress and re-energize their mind, body and soul.

Its platform is designed to create a network of strength for each member taking into account their individual goals. Some call it an escape, others see Wai-Tu-Fit as a home away from home.

The club offers a family environment aimed at helping each member create the necessary balance on a daily basis.

Some of the activities include, but are not limited to, dance workouts, aerobics, hikes, challenges, sporting events, dance tours, women’s retreats, and spa dates.

Event sponsors include Digicel, Josephine Gabriel & Co Ltd, HHV Whitchurch & Co Ltd, Springfield Trading, Fresh Market, Do it Center, J. Astaphan & Co Ltd, AC Shillingford and Co Ltd, Roseau Fisheries Division, Mega Plus , Tasha P, 100% Go Green.


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