US Army Special Forces Veteran Creates New “RXT-1” Combat Sports Trainer Robot


RXT-1, a robotic combat trainer created by an American. Army Special Forces veteran, has finally arrived! Its main purpose is to teach you how to hit, kick and fight anyone who tries to harm you or your loved ones.

Getting a personal combat trainer or going to the gym can be quite difficult during this pandemic as there are so many restrictions implemented. Do not worry anymore ! With the arrival of RXT-1, you can now have your own robotic combat trainer from the comfort of your own home. It is designed with a head target, a chest pad option, and four foam arms.

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RXT-2, the new robotic combat trainer is here! This new machine will bring out your fighting skills

Cision reported that it also has three different workout mode options, including spar, practice, or a combination of the two.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that although it has some promising features, RXT-1 still cannot replace human trainer because it cannot provide you with the experience of hitting a real person.

Why RXT-1 surprises MMA fighters

According to its developer STRYK United States, the robotic combat trainer comes with a 4.5 inch wall-mounted screen monitor, 12 inch adjustable height, four detachable arms, three combat modes with over 100 combinations and a leather target with quality spring automobile.

RXT-2, the new robotic combat trainer is here!  This new machine will bring out your fighting skills

(Photo: Screenshot from
RXT-2, the new robotic combat trainer is here! This new machine will bring out your fighting skills

RXT-1 can help you improve your defensive stance, improve your speed, head play, footwork, and agility. Not only that, but it can also train your combat skills by improving your cognitive processing actions and your hand-eye coordination.

Many famous MMA fighters have already awarded the product five stars.

“This is the future! Combat training will never be the same,” said Mark De La Rosa, a black belt from BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) who currently fights in the UFC Flyweight division.

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You can consult his official Instragam account @MarkDelarosamma. Here is a video of him using RXT-1.

Main advantages that RXT-1 can offer

One of the many advantages of Since RXT-1 is that it is a manoeuvrable machine. You can take it home, to the gym, to a dojo, to schools, to your garage or anywhere since you can simply mount it in walls or doors.

With its three combat modes, you can practice Mahamed Aly’s lightning jabs or even Mike Tyson’s peekaboo style. Practice mode is the best option for beginners as keystrokes are always predictable and have a two second interval. Once you get the hang of it, you can now switch to Spar mode. During this option, the robot will strike randomly according to the pre-selected difficulty level.

Combinations mode, the last option, allows you to set the time or laps you want the RXT-1 to run. You can set it to run for 1-3 minutes and 1-12 rounds.

If your reflexes are not fast enough, you can adjust its speed from 20% to 100%, which allows you to have a little time until your body’s reflexes improve. If you feel ready for a real workout, you can set it to 100%.

Once you do this, the robotic combat trainer can strike five times in a second, which means its robotic arm is moving at a speed of around 40mph. You can get this amazing machine for $ 699, as reported by News atlas.

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