Tony Khan says a major sporting event can affect AEW double or nothing


TNT’s broadcast of the NBA and NHL playoffs has resulted in numerous on-the-fly changes for AEW President Tony Khan as his wrestling show faces the age-old challenge of scheduling conflicts with major sports. This year’s NBA playoffs, however, are unique in that they force Khan to rethink the timing of an important pay-per-view – i.e. if he wants anyone to watch AEW. Double of Nothing.

The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are currently all tied in their best-of-seven series to determine the Eastern Conference winner and the East’s representative in the NBA Finals, with each team having won two games. If the series lasts seven games — which seems likely, considering neither team has won two games in a row yet — it will take place on Sunday night, the same night as AEW’s PPV.

“If there’s a Game 7, I’ll make sure I plan ahead,” Khan said while speaking to Richard Deitsch of Sports Media. “First there won’t be a long gap, I won’t hold [the show] at the top. I’ve planned where we’re going to start a little later in terms of when the action is going to start and we’ve got a little more in the window so I’m expecting total wrestling night to be very similar to this what we did to [AEW] Revolution.”

“AEW Revolution” featured a “Buy-In” pre-show with three matches. Combined with the nine matches on the main card, the duration of the event totaled just over five hours. Wrestling fans have notoriously despised longer, drawn-out shows, with WWE WrestleMania recently becoming a two-night event to compensate, and Khan explained how he’s going to combat that fan anxiety.

“There would be great action before the game and after the game, in case someone ended up watching it,” Khan said. “The pre-show, as we call it the Buy-In, may not have as much action as the last show, and the total wrestling night will have more because I plan to put more in the pay-per-view, but it’ll be the same total amount of wrestling that we did I’m not trying to keep people forever, but it’s a holiday weekend in particular, and the last one won’t l wasn’t, so it might be received even better now.”

Boxing has been known over the years for holding back the main attraction of shows until a contentious event is over, ensuring their main event goes unopposed. Khan plans to do something similar.

” I will not have [the event last forever], we have a lot of action, it’s going to be a great night,” said Khan. “And I promise if there’s a Game 7, a lot of the best action will be at the very end, including the main event… There’s so much on the card, so I’m planning on getting some of it. leave a lot for later.”

Double or Nothing will be headlined by AEW World Champion Adam Page defending his belt against CM Punk, as well as the men’s and women’s ‘Owen Hart Cup Tournament’ final.

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