The Zandvoort race, the biggest sporting event in Dutch history

The Zandvoort race is set to become the biggest sporting event in Dutch history.

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Zandvoort has a layout to suit Max Verstappen’s Red Bull

As the second half of the 2021 F1 season prepares to be a spicy affair between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, one of the highlights will be the race to Zandvoort which will make the return of the Dutch GP also on the field of world championship hope Max Verstappen. Given the competitiveness of Red Bull and the spice fight between seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, a mega crowd is expected at the race after its cancellation in 2020 due to COVID19.

It has been reported that the race will feature over 100,000 fans per day. And at the moment, it seems to be on the right track for the same, even though, due to COVID, there is only a 70% restriction in attendance. This would make it the biggest event in the history of Dutch sport as the other big sport in the country is football and it doesn’t have gigantic stadiums like the ones you see in Spain and the UK.


Title fight between Verstappen turned acrimonious with Dutch fans booing Hamilton

On August 13, the Dutch government will provide clarification on the exact participation to be expected, which Zandvoort track sporting director Jan Lammers believes is expected to be the biggest sporting event in Dutch history.

“We have no choice. We will be ready,” Lammers told NIS.

“We cannot say ‘we need more seats’ on August 25. We have a duty to welcome all people with a ticket and we are working on it now. Now it is a matter of implementing the plans that were developed a long time ago. About 70 percent of the stands are now standing. Everything is going as planned, “he added.


The layout of the Zandvoort track

“We are convinced that the numbers on the coronavirus are heading in the right direction. If this continues, we think all sporting events can just pick up. Sometimes I think I’m in Indianapolis with all these stands,” he said. he stated stating that sport events could be opened taking the example of the Indy 500.


“Before there is even a person in these stands, I realize that we are all involved in the biggest sporting event in the history of the Netherlands. And it is very special”, a- he declared.

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