Plainsman’s Choice 2022 Best Sporting Event: Iron Bowl 2021


Some of the best memories come from agony and defeat. Ask some Auburn students why they chose the 2021 Iron Bowl as this year’s top sporting event, and chances are that’s what they’ll say.

After taking place in Tuscaloosa in 2020 with coronavirus restrictions prohibiting a full-capacity stadium, the build-up to this year’s Iron Bowl was unlike any in recent memory.

The Tigers’ season fell on hard times heading into the game, leaving many students, alumni and fans hopeless for a victory against their rivals. But, as most sports fans will say, in a game of rivalry, you might as well throw away team records.

The Tigers struck first midway through the second quarter after a physical and emotional start. The Tide couldn’t fight back at halftime, leaving Jordan-Hare erupting.

Fan energy continued to be high. From above, all the fans could see was a sea of ​​whipped and tossed orange and blue shakers. From inside, the students were shouting and singing at the top of their voices, almost all of them standing. Students and fans didn’t know they would have to be up and screaming for a few more hours.

Thanks to a rally in Alabama, the fourth quarter ended in a tie. What followed was history as the game went into four overtime.

Never before has an Iron Bowl taken so long to decide a winner.

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While Auburn fans remained optimistic for most of the game, Alabama beat Auburn, earning the victory by two runs.

The students stood in the stands; the students were seated in the stands. The student section didn’t empty for minutes after the game as everyone tried to process what they had just witnessed. Their jaws were on the ground. Tears streamed down their faces. Students leaving the game also left their voices and hearts in the stadium.

A group of seniors sat in the stadium after it emptied, enjoying their last moments in the student section. No one had imagined this ending. And while the pain is still felt across campus, Plainsman readers agree that the highs everyone experienced in this game eclipse the ending.

History has been made. So, while Auburn Sports has had many notable sporting experiences this year, the history of the Iron Bowl and the feelings that went with it will live on in people’s minds for a long time to come. The Iron Bowl 2021 will likely go down as one of the biggest for years and that’s why readers voted the Iron Bowl 2021 as the best sporting event of this year.

Lily Stewart | sports editor


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