Mihran Harutyunyan hopes sports officials won’t turn a blind eye to outrageous injustice


Mihran Harutyunyan hopes sports officials won’t turn a blind eye to outrageous injustice

YREVAN, AUG 22, ARMENPRESS. A member of Armenia’s Olympic wrestling team at “Rio-2016”, Olympic Games silver medalist Mihran Harutyunyan spoke about the injustice committed against himself. “Armenpress” presents his ideas, citing Mihran Harutyunyans official “VK” page.

“I don’t know where to start but first of all I would like to thank those who did not avoid speaking out about my wrestling during the final of“ Rio-2016 ”. I am grateful for your tremendous support. I also feel tremendous support from my nation. Every professional athlete dreams of standing on the Olympic podium and listening to his country’s national anthem and I am no exception.

I have fought for the Olympic summit my whole life. I dreamed of an opportunity to fight for a gold medal at the Olympics and that long-awaited moment has finally arrived. I encountered many injustices on the way to Rio, but I had patience and did not react to it because I was impatiently awaiting “Rio-2016”. And this time again, a miracle did not happen. I was again deprived of the gold medal. This act depressed me, which is why I was unable to calm down.

Will the sports world turn a blind eye to this crime? Not only me, but many others were denied medals. I was deprived of the title of Olympic champion because Serbia or perhaps other countries have a decisive voice in the field of wrestling. But I am proud to be Armenian.

We are a small but a big nation at the same time. I would like to congratulate my friend, Artur Aleksanyan, for winning a gold medal. He deserved this victory. I congratulate weightlifters Simon Martirosyan and Gor Minasyan for winning silver medals.

I don’t want to offend the Serbian wrestler. He’s not a bad wrestler and he has good defense. He will remember my name every morning. Every time he looks at the gold medal he will think it’s mine, ”Mihran Harutyunyan wrote.

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