Chinlone split hampers sport development, officials say


The two bodies are the Myanmar Traditional Chinlone Federation and the other is the Myanmar Chinlone Federation.

There have been problems in the Myanmar Traditional Chinlone Federation’s (MTCF) efforts to develop the sport due to the split, MTCF officials said, adding that they have been around much longer than their rivals.

Meanwhile, Myanmar Chinlone Federation (MCF) officials said that the formation of additional chinlone subcommittees while there are already regional chinlone subcommittees in the Mandalay region has led to disunity between referees and players.

“The formation of traditional lower-level Chinlone committees in Mandalay and other regions and states has resulted in friction between the two federations,” U Tin Win Naing, an MCF referee, told the Myanmar Times in an interview this week. last.

“The reasons for the creation of new sub-committees are that the MTCF is unwilling to cooperate with existing Chinlone sub-committees on matters concerning the development of sport,” said U Tin Win Naing.

“To be frank, the chinlone became popular after the sport’s inclusion at the 2013 SEA Games and its image was strengthened in the region. But due to the presence of two federations in Myanmar, progress was halted. If this continues, the image of the sport will be tarnished, ”said U Tin Win Naing.

The development of new generation chinlone players has been hampered by opposition from the MTCF in events like the President’s Cup tournament hosted by the Myanmar Chinlone Federation.

Letters calling for help in resolving the issue have been sent to the president’s office, state councilor, and the health and sports ministry, though there have been no responses yet, said U Tin Win Naing.

“The Myanmar Chinlone Federation was established in 1953 and has also trained many athletes in this sport. They have the capacity and have organized tournaments at the ASEAN level, ”he said.

“Due to the problem, even the President’s Cup tournament had to be renamed the Regional and State Chief Ministers’ Cup. It was also really sad that the Philippines SEA Games couldn’t include a chinlone.

“Big tournaments cannot be organized as easily as a small street game. A lot of hard work and expense is required to make a great tournament a success, said MCF referee U Aung Kyaw Oo.

The sports governing body elections were held at Thuwunna Chinlone Stadium in Yangon on December 30, 2018.

However, the elections did not yield a definitive result. Due to the impasse, the Myanmar Sports Federation Executive Committee Member Selection Administration Commission was invited to assist.

The commission decided to hold another election on January 18, 2019, but one of the candidate groups resigned en bloc, which led to the founding of the MCF in March 2019.

U Win Tint, vice president of MTCF, said: “It does not mean a separation, but we had to organize a new federation.

“We have transferred the responsibility for the organization of international matches to the MCF as they have experience in organizing such events,” said U Win Tint.

“The traditional regional and state sub-committees of Chinlone will continue to cooperate with the Department of Sports and Physical Education to try to develop the sport,” U Win Tint added. – Translated

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