Cebu Solon defends sporting event on Camotes Island – Manila Bulletin

CEBU CITY — Cebu 5th District representative Duke Frasco said there was nothing wrong with the sporting event he attended on July 10 on Camotes Island.

Frasco finally broke his silence after an anonymous complaint was filed against him with the Home Office and Local Governments-Central Visayas after health protocols were allegedly violated during the event dubbed “TeamFrasco Friendship Ride / Run “.

In a statement, Frasco pointed out that the event took place when the province of Cebu was under a more relaxed Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ).

The event was covered with all necessary permits and approvals from San Francisco’s Interagency Task Force and Local Government Unit (LGU) Camotes, Frasco said.

“In addition, the event organizers and commissioners ensured full coordination with LGU, local PNP, barangay officials, barangay tanods and barangay health workers to help implement the health and safety protocols and guidelines, ”said Frasco.

Frasco said the event took place on the open-air Barangay Santiago waterfront, which could accommodate 12,500 people, but only 667 bikers and runners participated in the activity.

Including spectators and organizers, the number of people attending the event was within 50% of the capacity allowed under an MGCQ statute, Frasco said.

Participants were also required to complete health declaration forms and undergo pre-event temperature checks, as well as wear masks during the event, Frasco added.

A raffle was also held during the event and as part of the closing ceremony, performances and dance tributes by various groups.

Frasco admitted joining one of the dance tributes as a way to show appreciation for the organizers’ efforts.

Frasco added that the expenses incurred at the event “were all personally sponsored and no government funds were used.”

Frasco also rejected claims that COVID-19 cases even detonated.

“Records from the Ministry of Health and LGU will show that in the 15-day period that followed, from July 11 to 25, there was no significant increase in positive cases. On the contrary, the 15-day period following the event showed either zero new cases or single-digit cases, with most days having only one or two new cases, ”Frasco said.

Frasco stressed that the event was aimed at promoting local and sports tourism and “was not the first Friendship Ride / Run event in the district and, certainly, will not be the last”.

Frasco assured that he would cooperate with the investigation even if he has not yet received a copy of the complaint.



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