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THE Amawele Games Foundation hosted the #2022AMAWELEGAMES. The event took place at the Salem Sports Grounds at Shongweni Dam on Sunday and Monday March 20 and 21 and drew a crowd of 800 participants and spectators.

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The main objective of the whole event was to raise awareness of socio-economic issues.

“These events were used to address and find a way to clean up our streets to become a drug-free society, which is what we aim to achieve as a society because we showcased a lot of talent around Shongweni and we were very successful. .in past events. We are excited to work with anyone interested in becoming a sponsor of these events,” Mandla said.

The Amawele Foundation would like to express its gratitude to Aquelle for supplying the event with the sports drinks that were used on the day of the event.

The top performers received trophies, medals and kits, as well as goody bags.

Mandla said, “The foundation hopes to create a purpose-driven community with young leaders who have a positive impact on our society in terms of their future goals and achievements. With this platform, we train young people to do their best to succeed and strive for continuous improvement. »

According to the foundation, this event was to be the community’s most successful for the foreseeable future.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the whole community for their participation in the campaign. We wish everyone else a bright future ahead of the calendar of events as this is an opportunity for everyone to show off their talent. Our deepest gratitude to the Shongweni Dam Clinic for providing daytime first aid services, and to the spectators who made the most of the event and the initiative to drive positive change in our society by motivating and inspiring our youth to become better people with something to live for and something to love. This way we keep young people busy and give them something to look forward to and live with zeal and energy,” Mandla said.

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